Carrie Junior Baby Bath - Groovy Grapeberry

Baby: Carrie Junior Baby Bath – Groovy Grapeberry

I always argue with my hubby when choosing the best bath cream for our kids. I admit that hubby actually knows better when choosing bath cream with nice and mild scent while me is a more ‘rebel’ type – I’d prefer to have stronger scent in which my mum has always said I don’t have a ‘woman’s taste’. Oh well, I just let my hubby (or mom) them decide whenever it has something to do with scent. As for today, the review is all about Carrie Junior Baby Bath in Groovy Grapeberry, bought by hubby.

What They Say

Carrie Junior is a premium range of children’s toiletries that helps you bond with you little ones by making their bath time a fun time.

The vibrant packaging is playfully designed in the shape of an elephant’s foot to spark your kids’ imagination in the bathroom. Its gentle formulation is enriched with Fruito-E, a special combination of fruit extracts rich in vitamins and nutrients to nourish, moisturise and protect. Carrie Junior cleans your little ones’ delicate skin and hair gently and effectively. It is suitable for everyday use.

Certified HALAL, the Carrie Junior range includes Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo, Hair & Body Wash, Baby Powder, Baby Lotion and Baby Oil. It comes with refreshingly fruity fragrances that your kids will love, including the Joyful Raspberry!

Carrie Junior Baby Bath - Groovy Grapeberry

For the girls with tangled or frizzy hair, Carrie Junior’s Detangling & Frizz Control Kids Shampoo effectively makes hair soft and manageable. It comes with a fresh burst of nice fruity scent, Silky Cranberry, that leaves a long-lasting pleasant fragrance.

With Carrie Junior, your kids with now look forward to bath time while you enjoy your bonding moments with them.

Features & Benefits. For gentle and effective cleansing of baby’s hair and entire body, Carrie Junior Baby Hair & Body Wash is enhanced with Fruito-E. The natural combination of fruit extracts, Fruito-E is rich in vitamins and nutrients to help protect and moisturise baby’s delicate hair and skin. Use everyday to keep baby’s hair and skin clean, soft and healthy.

Carrie Junior Baby Bath - Groovy Grapeberry

What I Say (or Hubby say)

To be frank enough, I’m not a fan of this ‘groovy’ smell as I find I’m bathing my baby with a pail of melted cotton sugar. However, both my mum and hubby loves the smell (even my in-law love it!). It doesn’t smell that awful and that mild scent makes our bathroom filled with long-lasting smell. It’s hard to explain as I’m not into the smell.

I kinda love with the texture as it’s easy to rinse off. The texture is not as thick as Johnson’s Baby Bath Cream. Carrie Junior Baby Bath – Groovy Grapeberry comes in a vibrant deep periwinkle plastic bottle with yellow cap. The bottom of the bottle looks like an elephant’s feet.

Despite of the smell, I still love how it does not make my baby’s skin over-dry. In fact, I also apply this when washing her hair in which it makes her hair very soft, no sticky hair. If you love the smell, you can actually mix with water, and make it as your fabric spray (that’s what my mum did, anyway).

Where To Buy

  • Hypermarkets – Giant, Servay, CKS
  • Local Drugstores – Watson’s, Guardian.


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