Community: Help Pitas to Build Road

When there is a scarcity in the infrastructure, it means nearly all the rural population are forced to depend on their own subsistence farming for their own food and monetary income. Investment in development and maintenance road infrastructure would contribute towards trade development because road infrastructure opens up unconnected regions […]

I Love: Drypers Baby Club

Who doesn’t love freebies? I’m sure everyone loves to get something from their favourite brands (especially when they’re free). I registered as a member of Drypers Baby Club a few days ago, and when I checked my mailbox this morning – It’s a parcel from Drypers Baby Club! When I opened it (in front […]


Scary Mommy

I must say that life is kicking great lately (even though I stumble once in a while). Yet, I still feel grateful for the blessings and people around me – both good and bad ones. I usually skip the bad ones, why should I have them on my list, then? […]

I Love: Huggies Hug Club

If you haven’t register yourself into Huggies Hug Club, then you should do it now. It’s free, and once you have signed up with them, you will get product samples (of your choice) delivered to your doorstep for free. I’ve chosen Huggies Dry, and Huggies Ultra for my little one. I’m very […]

Shopping: Zdress

Zdress is an exquisite destination for latest trend in fashion especially if you’re a fashion enthusiast or on a budget. They offer more than 100,000 items to choose from, and that includes cosplay costumes, intimate lingerie, shoes, wigs, jewelries, bags, and wedding dresses. Just to name a few. Not only […]