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Me and Mr. Hubby love cooking a lot, and we usually spend time together in the kitchen chit chatting about new recipes. He usually cook during weekends where we would make a plan on what to cook earlier. There are a few apps in which we love to use. We did try other apps but due to the lacks of features, the apps would always end up in our delete list. We just don’t like to have non-functional apps installed in our iPad/Tab. 

I’m grateful to be able to find some great apps on the Net which has helped me to do all the cookings and bakings. These apps make our life easier because we can decide what to have during our ‘cheat days’. LOL! I’ve a list of my favourite cooking apps but as for now, I would like to recommend this Healthy Recipes by SparkRecipes. It’s the best cooking apps so far which I think you’d really love to use.


This is an awesome app with more than 500,000 recipes from SparkRecipes. One of our favourite so far because it offers healthy dishes as well as other new recipes that fit the criteria which we’re looking for. Each recipe has its own calories, carbs, and other key nutrients in which makes it easier for us to count our calories intake.


Besides, the app can save the recipe into my favourite list and sync across all my devices. The best thing about this app is that demos are made available, and all cooking tips are from the professional chefs. Apart from that, the conversion calculator is also within the app! I love using this app as it save me a lot of time to prepare for a nice Thanksgiving meal. Most of the recipes are easy to prepare, and I have no problem trying to find the ingredients in the local markets.

Where To Download: iOS iPhone | iOS iPad

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