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Remember those days when we keep ourselves a private diary? Anyway, I’m gonna write about this ‘Dear Diary’ game which I downloaded it a few days ago as I was looking for a simple diary for myself. ‘Dear Diary’ is actually a game in which I guess suits for teenagers. It’s about making choice and you have the power to change Anna’s future. You are given keys to peek at Anna’s diary and you will need to make a choice for her. It’s a nice game for you to teach your teen about life and choices.

What They Say

Destiny is one tricky thing, isn’t it? What if you could be its master? Meet Anna Blake, a girl who is making her way through highschool, and help her make life changing decisions. Every choice you make will interfere directly in Anna’s fate… And that’s kind of awesome! Sneak peek at Anna’s diary and join her in all the amazing adventures! Rick – the handsome and popular football player – or Martin – the smart and cute guy? Red or blue dress for prom night? Even harder: going or not going to the prom and with whom?! Studying or going out? Kissing or waiting? Tough decisions… What about a little help with that?



  • New challenging way of reading and interacting with a story
  • Different endings depending on your choices
  • Don’t worry: when the story ends, you can go back in time and choose differently. Can you discover every possible ending for Anna’s story?
  • Beautiful doodle art

Life can be very challenging. Will you leave Anna by herself?

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.


I must say that the first page has already caught my attention, and this can be a very fun learning stuff. I laughed as I read Anna’s diary because the character reminds me when I was in my high school. Every one of us went through the moment where we got caught in the act.


Most of the plots are about teenager’s falling in love, gossips, advices, studying, etc. Nothing that is so ‘adult’ here. You can be rest assured that this game is great for your teens. However, peeking on other people’s diary is a big no-no! ??? You can actually download this for your tab. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Just look out for ‘Dear Diary’.

Where To Download: Android | iOS [iPhone] | iOS [iPad]

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