Apps: 5 Basic Shopping Apps To Download Now

Nowadays, there are tons of online shopping available on the Internet, and this good news could be a heaven for people who love to do their shopping online. We couldn’t let go off our phone as good things are inside the phone (even stuff for you to chat with your friends. LOL!). However, when deciding which shopping apps to download can be quite hard as you cannot store all of them in your phone. Here are my top 5 shopping apps that I’d love to recommend to you so that your shopping experience becomes more fun, meaningful, and save a lot of time even though you might have to get your powerbank ready all the time. 

#1 – Lazada


I admit that this place can be irritating sometimes as I always bumped into merchants who charge expensive shipping surcharge to East Malaysia. But, the best thing about Lazada is they always give discount to their loyal customers who are using apps to do their shopping at Lazada. It’s another way to enjoy great prices, anyway. Try it now if you haven’t have this installed on your phone.

Download: Android | iOS (iPhone) | iOS (iPad)

#2 – Zalora 


The reason I love shopping at Zalora is because it offers the best online boutiques for women, and with free shipping. I’m having issue with trusting online boutiques for women on the Internet. Apart from that, the shopping app is also a great place to browse for your favourite items, and I always spend my time wondering around Zalora while waiting in the bank (Yes. I hate long queue!). One thing that attracts me to use this apps is the discount voucher. Try it today and you will never let go off your phone anymore. LOL!

Download: Android | iOS (iPhone) | iOS (iPad)

#3 – Carousell


Carousell is the top marketplace app for person-to-person buying and selling on iPhone and Android smartphones. Online shopping is as easy as chatting with sellers on the go! This is another place where I love to shop because I always love to buy books which are sold out (or no longer on shelf). Most of the items sold are pre-loved or secondhand. I love to do my shopping here as it has customer feedback – the only thing you need to know whether the seller is genuinely selling products or just another scammers. It’s one of my favourite place to go as I can always get items all the way from Singapore, and Taiwan. This is how I met an online shop which sell tons of vintage dresses. Apart from that, you can also sell your pre-loved items here at no cost. Yes. You can now clear your wardrobe by selling them for cash at Carousell. Snap a photo to sell your unused and secondhand clutter easily in 30s with free listings. Try it today, you will never regret having Carousell installed in your phone or tab!

Download: Android | iOS

#4 – ShopperBoard


This is undeniably Asia’s No. 1 mobile window shopping destination as it has more than 1,000 latest stores, and 200,000 hot products to be discovered and buy. This shopping app helps you organise your online shopping easily by allowing you and your friends to find the latest products which can come from any online stores. I love this app as I can always save my favourite products as well as follow my favourite online stores and get latest updates from other shoppers who posted new products on the stores. If you’ve been with WeHeartIt, and Pinterest, then you should be familiar with ShopperBoard. The app is free and made available for both iOS and Android.

Download: Android | iOS

#5 – 11Street


11street is one of the top global e-commerce marketplace with over 300,000 sellers serving over 22 million consumers worldwide. 11street is the Malaysia’s latest one stop online shopping mall that connects customers to variety of quality products at competitive prices, in a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers and sellers. The platform is quite similar to Lazada, and Rakuten. It offers tons of Korean products. The only problem I think needs to be fixed is the coupon. I couldn’t download my coupons.

Download: Android | iOS

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