5 Things I Hate Being Pregnant

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Pregnancy is beautiful, and can be full of excitement. However, it can be irritating (sometimes…).
Small to Large
I always remind myself not to think about Kim K’s baby bump as I always get goosebumps whenever I see her baby bump photos over the Internet. I even remind myself to eat moderately, beat all the cravings, and control my blood pressure and sugar level. I have to ‘sacrifice’ all my sexy dresses because of the baby bump. I cut off my spending on dresses and jeans due to the fact that ‘I-am-getting-larger-than-before’. It’s a good thing too as I can save more in my banks. Frankly speaking, I hate when some people say that I look like a pig when having a baby bump. Never insult a pregnant woman. That’s a taboo.

Please Don’t Kick Me
This is the most heavenly feeling which not all people can have it though it can be irritating, sometimes. The baby can kick or tickle you anytime. It can be painful but I usually have my hubby to enjoy the moments. You can always put a thin book (bukan yang tebal punya, opusakan lah bah tu baby nanti) on your bump and enjoy the moment. Moment apa? Masa tu baby tendang atau bergegar di dalam. Have your hubby to touch your bump and see if your baby respond to it. Don’t complaint to your Doctor because you always have those ‘kicks’ inside your tummy. You can always expect the Doctor would reply you like this, “Syukurlah, Nak. Bagus bah tu kalau dia kick.
No! No! No!
No! You cannot eat that. You cannot do that. No gym. No high heels. It’s all no no no. A big no no. I used to hit the gym but now I have to do light workout at home. 5 – 15 minutes of workout focusing on arms, back, hips, and legs. No abs workout. I envy those people who can hit the gym whenever they wanted to while I have to do workout at home. My hubby and family sure love me and my baby so much that they make sure I never lift a kilo at the gym. Luckily, I still have my dumbbells at home, and I can still use tu 1 karung 5kg beras untuk jadi ‘sandbag’. Squat is a must or I’ll end up with a flat butt that is very tidak seksi.
Hi, Doctor!
Frankly speaking, I hate waiting for my turn. You’re not the only one who’s pregnant, there will be more than 10 moms that you will meet (especially when you’re getting a ‘very recommended’ OB/GYN). There was a time where we had to wait for almost 4 hours as the Doctor was in the labour room. My advice – Bring a book, tab, or PSP along if you really wanted to kill your boredom. If not, tell the receptionist to change your appointment to a later date.
Prack! Prack! Prack!
My brother once asked me what did I feel when I get my contractions. I answered, “Prack! Prack! Prack!” My first delivery was a normal one but the contraction part is the most painful one, including the long and tiring waiting time. Dapat tidur? No sleep. No rest. But, the best part was to spend my time with my mom (I told mom that I wanted to have pizzas and Coke) before I was admitted into the ward. Your mom or grandma knows when you’re going into the labour room. Always stick with them when you’re in your 37 weeks. Your hubby? He’ll be the first one who would forget what to do.
p.s. There’s always another side of story. When I blog about what I hate, it doesn’t mean I never enjoyed it. Yet, some people usually look at one side of the story. Siapa manusia yang buat apa saja kegiatan tapi tidak pernah merungut? Sedangkan kalau hujan turun pun merungut, kalau tiada hujan turun pun merungut. I’m proud to be a Mom, and be able to enjoy having a healthy lifestyle and get fit everyday. Enjoy while it lasts, my dear.

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