Yuji Oda

I really love to watch all his movies and dramas – even though I’ve only watched some of them. Geez, he’s really a talented person and quite a good looking one… Although he may look a bit old. Who cares… He’s too good before my very eyes… 😛 He’s not as famous as today’s Japanese Celebrities such as Nanako Matsushima, Takuya Kimura, etc. But, he’s quite famous during his times…

I *figured* his first appearance before my very eyes in a Japanese drama entitled Tokyo Love Story, and that time I was just 10 years old…. but that time I thought that he’s not a cute guy… Later on, sia jatuh cinta with him after I watched his Bayside Shakedown… and honestly, his face shape reminds me of someone special… Especially his *mata dan kening*… hahahahahah… It makes me *gerigitan*… Oh… Tidak….

p/s: habislah sia kalau *dia* terbaca ni…. sebab dia tau siapa sia maksudkan…

His other movies/dramas that I have watched:

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  • “Odoru Daisosasen: Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE” (1999 Summer)
  • “Tokyo Love Story” (11 story series)
  • Whiteout
  • My Wishlist:

  • Bayside Shakedown THE MOVIE 2- Save The Rainbow Bridge
  • T R Y
  • ….and his other movies and dramas…
  • His Website:

  • Yuji Oda’s Official Website
  • Yuji Oda’s Report
  • His Movies’ Website:

  • T R Y
  • Midnight Rain
  • Odoru Daisosasen: Bayside Shakedown
  • Whiteout
  • Japan-Zone‘s Comments:
    Oda Yuji (Kanagawa Prefecture, 1967- )

    With a promising future in sports ahead of him, the teenage Oda Yuji was forced to reconsider his ambitions following a knee injury. Drama school followed and he made his movie debut as a school dropout in 1987’s Boom Boom Boom. He was typecast until the lead role in the smash TV hit Tokyo Love Story broke the mold and he became an overnight star.

    During the ’90s Oda starred in a string of renzoku dorama (drama series) such as Okane ga nai (Got no Money) and Mahiru no Tsuki (Midday Moon). But his career was pretty much in neutral until 1997’s Odoru Daisosasen (Bayside Shakedown), a TV cop comedy-drama that was a surprise smash hit. A spinoff movie by the same name was one of the biggest hits of the following year. Oda played the unorthodox detective Aoshima in pursuit of a female serial killer played by fellow former idol Koizumi Kyoko. There were big expectations for White Out, a big-budget Hollywood style action movie released in 2000. Even co-starring popular actress Matsushima Nanako, the film did not live up to the hype.

    Oda is one of the tarento (TV personalities) most in demand for TV commercials. He also became the pitchman for the DoCoMo mobile phone company before famously defecting to rivals Ido in 1999.

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