The Jesselton Girl Where To Buy: Home-Cooked Meals at Foooqy
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Where To Buy: Home-Cooked Meals at Foooqy

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Craving for home-cooked Mee Rebus or Ayam Rendang after seeing all the delicious food posted on Facebook, and Instagram? Are you wishing that you can simply download the foods because you are too lazy to get yourself trapped in the traffic jams? Fret not! Now, there’s a place where you can find home-cooked meals without having to get out from your place. Read more if you’re wondering how you can simply have the foods that you’re craving for without crawling out from your nest.

Here’s the good news. Hidden home chefs, and aspiring food entrepreneurs with passion in cooking can now be found at Foooqy! There are a wide variety of selections for you to pick up, or to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Foooqy believes food plays an important role in enriching our life, and they removed the barriers just to ensure that getting access to food is as easy as a piece of cake.

The Jesselton Girl Where To Buy: Home-Cooked Meals at Foooqy

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How to get your home-cooked meals? It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is sign up a free account with Foooqy. You can either sign up using your Facebook, or e-mail (make sure it’s a valid one). You can choose to sign in with Facebook because it’s a lot faster than signing up with an e-mail, anyway. After that, you can browse the menus, and click the preferred home-cooked meals.

The Jesselton Girl Where To Buy: Home-Cooked Meals at Foooqy

There’s no minimum order at Foooqy, and you can always make an advance order as early as one (1) week. The minimum duration required for order notification is one (1) hour. It’s advisable for you to order a few hours earlier to ensure that you can get your home-cooked meals delivered on time.

The Jesselton Girl Where To Buy: Home-Cooked Meals at Foooqy

Foooqy is a newly established online food delivery, so they only cover Selangor, and Kuala Lumpur. All food are prepared and delivered by the respective chef. Their delivery boy or girl will give you a call or Whatsapp you upon arrival at your delivery address. There’s a minimum delivery charge of MYR5.00.

The Jesselton Girl Where To Buy: Home-Cooked Meals at Foooqy

You can also sign up yourself to become a Chef at Foooqy. It’s free. Check out more of the details on how to become a Chef, and start your home-cooked business without having to worry about rentals today! You will get to do what you are passionate about and at the same time make some money. There is a demand for home-cooked meals.

Foooqy: Website | Facebook

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