The Jesselton Girl Where-To-Buy: Base Make-Ups for Acne-Prone Skin
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Where-To-Buy: Base Make-Ups for Acne-Prone Skin

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I received a private message on my Facebook (you can actually ask me, anyway) asking what should she buy from the drugstore (Watsons, Guardian, etc.) or online store as she has acne-prone skin. I know how does it feel having these acnes on the face. It can be discouraging, usually. When we talk about base make-up for problematic skin such as acnes, the only thing that popped out of our mind would be the concealer. In fact, we usually think that concealer can hide every single flaws, and make a huge difference on the look. But, that depends on how you use it.  All you need is just the base make-up (that includes moisturizer, concealer, foundation, and loose powder) that can cover the flaws. Moreover, you still need a concealer even when you have tons of BB, CC, or DD cream in your make-up box especially when these creams cannot fully cover all these flaws.

The Jesselton Girl Where-To-Buy: Base Make-Ups for Acne-Prone Skin
#1 – Acne Moisturizer
All skin types need to be moisturized and hydrated because the moisture in the skin helps to keep the pores open so acne does not form. If your skin is prone to acne, then you should look for a moisturizer with soothing agents to quiet the skin. You need a moisturizer that is not only keep your skin looking fresh and moisturized, but also a moisturizer that won’t clogged the pores which could lead to breakouts.  I’ve compiled a list of moisturizers which my clients, friends, and myself have tested before. Always apply moisturizer before wearing make-up.
What I’d  recommend you to buy from drugstore or online store:

The Jesselton Girl Where-To-Buy: Base Make-Ups for Acne-Prone Skin
#2 – Concealer
There are various types of concealer but you don’t have to buy them all – Unless, you are a make-up artist who have to deal with all types of skin. Each of the concealer has its own functions. You might notice that there are a few colours other than brown shades, and these shades are green, yellow, blue, and red. Basically, the dark and light shades are the shades which you usually use as part of your contouring ‘phase’, while the green, yellow, blue, and red are used as tone correcting concealers. So, if you’re dealing with pimples, then use green concealer as it cancels out redness. Just dab on the pimples before applying foundation or your BB cream. However, if you have trouble to find green-coloured concealer; you can still grab the normal brownish concealer that have the function to reduce the appearance of pimples.
What I’d recommend you to buy from drugstore or online store:

The Jesselton Girl Where-To-Buy: Base Make-Ups for Acne-Prone Skin
#3 – Foundation/Cream
Here’s a kicker for you. If your skin is prone to acne, than you need to avoid make-up products that have thick consistency like stick, pancake, cream, or cream-to-powder compact foundations. Always go for liquid or weightless cream.
What I’d recommend you to buy from drugstore or online store:
Whenever you’re wearing make-up, make sure to keep your skin moisturized even though you have oily skin. With the right mix of products, you can conceal your imperfections. Always make sure you cleansed your face with make-up remover, and facial foam. Never sleep with make-up on, and always keep your make-up tools clean as well. Last but not least, drink ample of water to flush out toxins that cause breakouts. Good luck!

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