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There are tons of products available in the market nowadays, and we usually bumped into products which are only packed with sweet promises. Sometimes not all expensive products can deliver the result that you are looking for, and some products that are tagged at lower prices don’t always mean they cannot be as effective as the branded products, too. In short, we always look out for reviews made by other consumers. In fact, a reliable review can save your money in a way which you cannot imagine before.

Getting married and have a family has actually taught me that I need to look for all those household things by myself, and of course, with some tips from my mom. I used to shop for groceries with mom when I was still staying with them, and she would usually teach me how to buy things. So, when I went to further my studies in Kuching, Sarawak, I had to buy things all by myself. Being independent for years without relying my parent.

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There are tons of review sites which you can actually get reliable information from other consumers. Some bloggers do write review on the products that they have tested, too. It’s quite hard to find reliable reviews on the social networking sites anyhow as most of them are negative reviews posted by consumers who had a bad consumer-experience. I may sound as if I’m doing my research paper right now but that’s what I’m doing at the moment. The blog is also part of my research. LOL!

The Jesselton Girl Website: Home Tester Club

Let me introduce you to a review site which you can always depend on. Home Tester Club is a place where you can read and post reviews on products that you have tested before. You can also read other people’s reviews before making decision to buy the products or not. The most important thing is, all reviews are uncensored and unbiased.

Apart from that, some lucky Home Tester Club members will be selected to receive coupons, special offers and free product to try themselves and share with their friends. The only thing they require from you upon receiving the product is to return a short survey telling them about what you think about the product. Yup. You only have to write a short feedback about the product, not the delivery or other unrelated things.

The Home Tester Club is owned by Buchanan Group. If you’re actively involved in Home Tester Club, you will be able to earn more chances to win monthly prizes, be more likely to be featured on their member page, and will be more likely to be selected to participate in sampling campaigns, casting calls, commercial testing, and other perks.

Interested to join now? To join the club, simply click on this link. Once you have successfully signed up you will receive a confirmation email. Best of all, IT’S FREE!

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