The Jesselton Girl Website: Get Your Modelling Talent Discovered @ StarNow
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Website: Get Your Modelling Talent Discovered @ StarNow

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Are you photographer who’s looking for a place to expose your talent or are you a model (or a dancer or an actor) who are wondering where to connect talent with casting professionals that allow you to apply to castings? There are a few auditions and jobs website for talents but there’s only one leading auditions and jobs website for actors, models, dancers, photographers, crew, stylists, and musicians. You need to read more if you’re interested to sign up for it.

The Jesselton Girl Website: Get Your Modelling Talent Discovered @ StarNow

StarNow is a place where you can connect your talent with casting professionals as well as apply to the castings. This is a cool website that could land you jobs that you’ve never imagined before. The team works with some of the industry’s top players, with dominant market positions in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland, and South Africa. In fact, the website has over 3 million members worldwide!

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The basic account is available for free. However, a small monthly fee is applicable for a full membership that would eligible you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Apply to unlimited auditions and jobs,
  • Appear in the Talent Directory, and
  • Add more photos, videos, and audio to their profile.

The Jesselton Girl Website: Get Your Modelling Talent Discovered @ StarNow

I find StarNow is rather simple but very informative especially when you’re looking for a job to match with your talents. You can actually read some of the success stories shared by talents who have landed with the job that they were looking for. The list does not limit to UK residents but also available to talents who are residing in other countries. For instance, there are jobs available for talents who are residing in Malaysia or Singapore, too.

The Jesselton Girl Website: Get Your Modelling Talent Discovered @ StarNow

This is a great website to get your talent discovered today. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and you might end up working for big company in no time!

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