Truly Darth Vader

I was searching out for Darth Vader Theme piano sheet music over the Internet just now when I stumbled over this youtube. She sure spreads the dark aura… Muahahahaha! Ini barulah Darth Vader! Dunno why I’m in the mood of playing the piano… I’m so malas mo buat assginment sekarang! Muahahahaha~ Sudah siap pun bah assignment. Muahahahah~ Why not buang karan main piano.
SUMANDAK BILANG: Injured my fingers in 2004 dan kesan dia sampai sekarang… Mau 6 bulan couldn’t even run over the piano keys… Kena kasi buang kaca from my middle fingers on my left hand… Bagas dia masih ketara bah sampai sekarang. At least sekarang sia masih bulih main piano… Paling teruk bila I had to ask my friends to help me type itu group assignments sebab susah sia mo menaip gara-gara jari yang injured. Salah sendiri juga bah… Sendiri cari nahas… Muahahhaha~

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