The Jesselton Girl The Conversation Between Jesus & Satan

The Conversation Between Jesus & Satan

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The Jesselton Girl The Conversation Between Jesus & Satan
One day Satan and Jesus were having a conversation. Satan went to visit Jesus in the Garden of Eden, and Satan came all happy and boasting. (Lk 4: 1-12; Job 1: 6-12)

‘Yes, Lord, now I have everybody captive, (well nearly everybody down there). I set traps, I used the baits of temptation, I know well what each one of them can’t resist. I nearly caught them all!’ (I Pet 5: 8-9; Eph 6: 10-17)

‘What are you going to do with them?’ Jesus asked, and He was praying to God the Father.
Satan answered ‘Oh, I am going to have some fun with them! I’ll make them divorce after they have married so the foundation of humanity will never be able to be established ‘the family’ (Mt 19: 4-6; Mal 2: 16). I will make them hate each other and abuse each other, make them fall into alcohol and drugs without control. (Rom 13: 12-14). I will teach them to make weapons and bombs, so they kill each other. I am really going to have fun!’
‘And when you are tired of playing with them, what will you do?’ Jesus asked. And continued praying.
‘Oh, I will kill them all and their souls will be mine forever. Lord by all respect, it’s their decision’ (I Jn 3: 8-10).
‘How much do you want for all of them?’ Jesus asked.
‘Oh, you can’t want these people. They aren’t anything good. Why do you want them if they neither follow you nor love you? Many hate you! I have seen many of them spitting on you, cursing you and even denying you. What’s more, they love me a lot’ (Mt 24: 10-13) You don’t want these people!!’
‘How much?’ Jesus asked again.
Satan looked at him with a nasty face. ‘All your tears and all your blood, all the pain of the entire world, all together’(Is 53: 4-10; I Pet 2: 24)

Jesus said: ’DONE’.. ‘and He paid the price’ (II Cor 5: 21)

How terrible it is that people don’t seek for God, and then ask themselves why the world is going to hell! How terrible that we seek the newspaper everyday to read tragedies and we never seek the Bible. How insensible it is how everybody wants to go to heaven, thinking they can get there without having to believe, without loving God above all things, or doing what the Bible says…the Laws of God.
It is terrible how some people can say ‘I believe in God’ but still follow Satan (Who as matter of fact, does fear God) (II Tim 4: 3-4; II Jn 1: 7-11)

But it is forbidden to speak publicly about Jesus in the schools, places of work self-helping groups, etc… (Acts 4: 19-20)

Even after knowing what He did for us. Because the Romans didn’t kill Him. It was our sin that we may be forgiven and know Him in His glory with the Father. Doesn’t it seem incredible to you how somebody can be alight on Sabbath in the Church, worshipping and thanking the Lord for His mercy, for one more day to live etc. But during the rest of the week he is an invisible Christian! (II Tim 3: 1-5; Rom 10: 9-13)

Does this seem just to you?
Stop worrying what the others may think about you. It is time to worry about what ‘God thinks about you’.
May God bless you always! (II Cor 13: 13)

DAVELYNNE: Got this from Suzanne Dani, anyway… Nice one… Thanks, dear…

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