The Burden is Lifted Up

I went to the church just now as my cousins were asking me to come along and then Annette wanted to pay for the badge fees. So, okaylah… I drove my Rush to the church, tagged Sasha along as there’s a place which looks really spooky… The villagers said there’s this Ms. Rebonding bah kunun. Didn’t get out of the car as I wasn’t feeling quite well as I haven’t eaten for a whole day. Just some glasses of water and soy bean. Didn’t have the mood as I was still thinking about the problem. So, while I was waiting for the kids (and was waiting for Uncle Henry also) I thought that I should share with someone (other than my mum or aunt), at least be willing to share his/her opinion. I don’t really mind if he/she listens to my craps but I would really appreciate if he/she can share opinion or suggestion. I’m trying hard to motivate myself – THINK POSITIVE.
So, I dialed the number (was hoping that I wasn’t disturbing). Wallla! Chatted for about half an hour and I finally feel like my burden is lifted up. The feeling is lightened up a bit. Thanks, buddy! You’re really a good at giving advice. Nearly forgot yang God masih ada. Nantilah sia treats ko gula-gula tungtung. Hahahahhaa~ If ko minta kirim ole-ole pun, dalam otak sia Nike cap saja sebab memang itu aim sia juga mo collect Nike cap…

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