The Jesselton Girl Tech: Say Hello to Ello!
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Tech: Say Hello to Ello!

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Ello is a simple, and no ads social network which was built as private social network for a small group of artists, and designers. Unlike the existing, and famous social networks, Ello does not sell ads, and your data will be keep as private as possible.

First of all, I’d love to thank Ello CPO, Todd Berger, for inviting me to join Ello. It’s really great to be part of Ello community. Yes, I’m looking forward to connect with more people from Ello community.

The Jesselton Girl Tech: Say Hello to Ello!
Very simple platform. I almost mistaken Ello as ‘Friendster’. Yet, I think Ello is better than Friendster.
The Jesselton Girl Tech: Say Hello to Ello!
Todd is my first friend. LOL!

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I find the platform is very simple, and easy to use. The layout is kept as minimal as possible. What’s more? I can always befriend with people who share the same passion as mine – blogging, photography, and graphics design. Unlike Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, I think Ello offers more seclusive network, and I can easily browse for more inspiration. No more messy platform.

The Jesselton Girl Tech: Say Hello to Ello!
You can never be left in the dark anymore. You can always befriend with people who share same passion as yours.

The Jesselton Girl Tech: Say Hello to Ello!

In order to join Ello, you will need someone that is already on the network. Meaning that you will need someone to invite you to join Ello. Ask me if you would love to join Ello, I’m more than happy to send you the invitations.

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