Tech: iRiver Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50
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Tech: iRiver Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

Finding a suitable earphone can be quite hassle especially if you’re looking for wireless that is suitable to be worn when you’re running, or doing your workout in the gym. I recently got myself an wireless earphone from my brother who bought it from Korea, and it has been one of my favourite gadget which I would bring along whenever I do my routine workout.

IRIVER Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

What They Say

The iRiver Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50 comes in 2 colours: Black, or White. Each package includes the bluetooth earphone, a Micro USB 5-Pin cable, Ear cap (S/M), Waterproof cap, and a manual book in Korean language.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.0 (CSR8635)
Profile: HSF, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
Transmission range: 2.40GHz ~ 2.48GHz
Bluetooth communication distance : 10M or less
Calling (battery life time): 8 Hours
Standby (battery life time): 200 Hours
Play music (battery life time): 6 Hours
Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion polymer 3.7V / 120mAh
Charging way: Micro USB Cable
Dimensions: 31x28x9(mm) / 17.2g
KCC certification: MSIP-CRI-PC6-BES-S50

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IRIVER Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

What I Say

The earphone has a very flexible cable wire which you can easily adjust to fit your size. The ear cap has a removable waterproof cap to ensure that the device won’t get wet due to sweat or rain. It’s still not build to be used for swimming, though. 

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Why I like this earphone? First of all, I love iRiver Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50 because of its features as well as being stylish as well. It is equipped with a micro USB charge in which I can charge in the car. Pretty nice. Moreover, it’s easy to put inside the bag without having to worry that the cord get tangled, and having all the risk to snap the wire to get undone.

IRIVER Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

The best thing about this earphone is it has an ON/OFF button which is also multifunction as NFC pairing, call receive and termination, and voice switching. The pairing can be multi-paired up to 2 devices. It’s also easy to set-up the pairing and I can easily get my favourite workout music to be heard straight to my earphone. The earphone has also several interchangeable ear caps which come in S and M sizes. There are 3 ear caps included inside the box.

IRIVER Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

The sound is very clear, too. Very nice. The only drawbacks are the battery lifespan because it drain out really fast when connected to Bluetooth, and with a limited 10m distance for Bluetooth communication. The multifunction button can also be a bit confusing because I always have trouble switching it on or off. The earphone was turned on by pushing the button for 3 seconds, and turning it off within 5 seconds. It would be great if it has both on and off button.

IRIVER Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50

My Verdict

This is a nice bluetooth/wireless earphone, and I find it’s stylish too. I’ve never seen any iRiver Blank Sound Angle Bluetooth Earphone BES-S50 sold here in Malaysia yet. It’s pretty hard to get this stuff unless you have to grab them via eBay. This earphone is quite affordable. My brother helped me to buy this from a Korean shop for only US$27.00.

Where To Buy

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