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Style: Aldo Shoes Are Made For Strutting Sexily

Most women wear heels to make them feel confident, and feel taller. In fact, feeling taller and more confident helps empower women. Yes, a pair of good heels can bring a woman to conquer the world. It just makes her reach euphoric state. Most researchers have proven that heels can help boost a woman’s personality. Men mightContinue Reading “Style: Aldo Shoes Are Made For Strutting Sexily”

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Tips: Got Crow’s Feet? Here’s the Solutions to Get Rid of It

Most of us dislike the fact we are ‘growing’ crow’s feet because it can make us look older. Those fine lines that appear just lateral to the eyes and once those lines begin to show up, it becomes rather difficult to get rid of them for good. Typically, crow’s feet or ‘laugh lines’ appear forContinue Reading “Tips: Got Crow’s Feet? Here’s the Solutions to Get Rid of It”

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Deals: Discount Coupons For My Sweet Readers

Sorry for the long no updates, it has been a busy week and I still haven’t finished up my reports. I miss blogging and shopping so much but I guess I need to focus more on my work first. Anyway, I have received tons of discount coupons which I would rather share with my readersContinue Reading “Deals: Discount Coupons For My Sweet Readers”

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Apps: 5 Basic Shopping Apps To Download Now

Nowadays, there are tons of online shopping available on the Internet, and this good news could be a heaven for people who love to do their shopping online. We couldn’t let go off our phone as good things are inside the phone (even stuff for you to chat with your friends. LOL!). However, when decidingContinue Reading “Apps: 5 Basic Shopping Apps To Download Now”


Deal: Casual Dress Below RM50

Looking for casual dress to be worn on weekends? Zalora Malaysia is having its year-end sale at the moment and most of their casual dresses are tagged below RM50! I’ve chosen some of the casual dresses which are available at Zalora Malaysia site. Grab them before they are out of stock. I’m also offering youContinue Reading “Deal: Casual Dress Below RM50”

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Tips: Pick the Mascara for You

When it comes to mascara, we all speak by different techniques. What’s important is that when you put the mascara on, it works its magic and makes you feel fabulous. In a nutshell, I love mascara because it is the only thing that would give me those flirty looking eyes by framing them with long full lashes. Plus, mascara is a must have make-up thatContinue Reading “Tips: Pick the Mascara for You”