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Review: Libresse Confidence On-The-Go Maxi Night Wings (With Green Tea)

This is my first review on feminine hygiene products after I was asked by a man who was helping his wife to buy menstrual pads. While most of the guys are very ‘gentleman’ and brave (enough) to ask other people and help buy for their other half, some may not be able to understand which pad is suitable for their spouse’s needs. Frankly speaking, I always made a few bad choices when buying feminine hygiene products in the past. I usually opt for the cheaper one without considering the quality of the product. Continue Reading

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Review: MenstruHeat Non-Medicated Menstrual Cramp Relief

Menstrual cramps are considered normal among women because all menstrual cycles involves the release of prostaglandin (PG) and uterine muscles contractions. Depending on the PG released, some women may experience with dysmenorrhea (bad cramps). Menstrual cramps are caused by several reasons which include low estrogen level, and low intake of magnesium. There are tons of treatments for menstrual cramps such as hot ginger tea, drinking a cup of hot garlic tea, or even take medicine to relieve the cramps. However, there is another solution in which you need not to consume.  Continue Reading

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Style: Aldo Shoes Are Made For Strutting Sexily
Most women wear heels to make them feel confident, and feel taller. In fact, feeling taller and more confident helps empower women. Yes, a pair of good heels can bring a woman to conquer the world. It just makes her reach euphoric state. Most researchers have proven that heels can help boost a woman’s personality. Men might not realize the logic behind the heels but this pair always put a woman in a ‘Lordosis’ posture.

Continue Reading

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Where To Buy: Premium Halloween Costumes at Affordable Price

It’s mid September, and there’s no fall here as I don’t live in a 4-season countries. However, we still love to celebrate Halloween. Some of us would turn ourselves into sexy vampires, etc. Most of us will begin our Halloween shopping before October to avoid disappointment. Nobody loves to hear ‘Out Of Stock’ when we wanted to shop for our favourite costumes. Halloween Day Weekly Sale: $5 OFF Over $69, $10 OFF Over $99 + Shipping Cost 50% OFF, Buy Now! If you’re looking for some sexy and ‘playful’ Halloween costumes, you should shop at TBDress as they offer affordable and stylish costumes. Continue Reading