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How-To: 30-Minute Day Time Look (For Acne/Blemishes)

I recently got breakouts after trying a product which does not suit with my skin. While my skin is in bad condition, I’m taking this opportunity to do a simple 30-minute day time look specifically for those who are having blemishes or breakouts. Here’s a tutorial how I do my day make-up look without havingContinue Reading “How-To: 30-Minute Day Time Look (For Acne/Blemishes)”

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Blog: I Wanted To Start Blogging but…

Blogging means you’re building community, you have the urge to contribute something valuable in order to remain relevant. When you blog, your work should be useful to your readers, the people who are looking for information. However, one of the barriers that prevent one from blogging is fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being laughed at,Continue Reading “Blog: I Wanted To Start Blogging but…”

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Blog: Why You Should Start Blogging

Happy New Year, lovelies! I hope you have a wonderful one today. I woke up earlier today as we’re going back to the hometown later. I’ve been wanting to share with you why I started blogging (and why you should blog, too!). I’ve been blogging to many years, ever since I was 16 years old.Continue Reading “Blog: Why You Should Start Blogging”

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Tutorial: Simple 15-Minute Up-dos

Wondering if you can get a nice hair-do done within 15-minutes? Here’s a tutorial which you can follow without having to spend hours looking great to the office or even meeting your friends (or dating). It’s simple and you don’t have to get a hairstylist to do get your hair done. Check some of these easyContinue Reading “Tutorial: Simple 15-Minute Up-dos”