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Beauty: 3 Tricks on How To Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

You might be a fan of Audrey Hepburn or adore bright and vivid lips colour, but do you know that there are rules when gliding lipstick to suit some events? Sometimes, bright red or dark maroon may not be appropriate to be worn to attend a job interview. In fact, lipstick colour depends on yourContinue Reading “Beauty: 3 Tricks on How To Apply Lipstick Like a Pro”


Info: 6 Body Care Must-Haves in Your Closet

Do you really love your Body? The question remains to be answered. Lifestyles have changed and so have we. Instead of managing the trend, we have accustomed ourselves to it. The nature of our day to day chores has become sedentary and dull. Long days at work and trying to meet constant commitments, essentially require us toContinue Reading “Info: 6 Body Care Must-Haves in Your Closet”

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Tips: How To Slow Down Skin Ageing

Ageing can differ from people to other people depending on the genetics, and hormonal factors. However, that does not mean you need to neglect the importance of taking care of your own skin. We cannot avoid getting old, but prolonging the process can be done. The skin is the mirror of our body. Whatever weContinue Reading “Tips: How To Slow Down Skin Ageing”

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Fitness: Cross Training – Why It’s a Good Idea to Change Things Up

Muscle confusion, or the practice of regularly changing up a training program, is a topic of heated debate in the fitness world. Some people swear by its ability to challenge the body and keep it guessing, while others believe switching gears too much makes it difficult to make progress with a certain lift, sport, orContinue Reading “Fitness: Cross Training – Why It’s a Good Idea to Change Things Up”

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Health: The Rise of the Half-Marathon

In recent years, the half-marathon has become the hottest distance in road running. It’s still not the most popular – the 5K continues to hold that position. But the half-marathon, or 13.1 miles, has enjoyed the most explosive growth, quadrupling in participants since 2000. In 2013, two million runners, 61 percent of them women, completedContinue Reading “Health: The Rise of the Half-Marathon”

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Tips: Pick the Mascara for You

When it comes to mascara, we all speak by different techniques. What’s important is that when you put the mascara on, it works its magic and makes you feel fabulous. In a nutshell, I love mascara because it is the only thing that would give me those flirty looking eyes by framing them with long full lashes. Plus, mascara is a must have make-up thatContinue Reading “Tips: Pick the Mascara for You”