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Swissvita Acne Solution Skin Balancing Toner Enhances Skin’s Self-Healing Process

Most of us would skip applying toner after cleansing the skin because we find it’s quite hassle. Don’t worry. I find it’s quite a hassle, too! However, there are tons of benefits when we use toner shortly after we have removed the impurities out from the skin. Toner is very beneficial for people who are experiencing acne-prone, oily, and combination skin. You will thank this special liquid because it actually helps to enhance the skin’s self-healing process by penetrating deep into the skin. I am going to share my experience about this product which I think you may be interested to get one later.  Continue Reading

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Review: PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Series – Intense Hydra Cream

I am always into Korean beauty and skincare products but this time I decided to give a try on Taiwanese skincare product. PSK is quite unfamiliar to me but upon receiving the products for review purpose, I notice that their product is not that bad, too. I went to look for more information about their products as I was quite curious with their background. I found out from the website that PSK is using natural ingredients in all of their products. They uphold their ‘no-side-effect’ principle to lend the power of nature and synergize it with the advancement of science to provide their customers with the best result as well as give the real meaning of beauty. Continue Reading

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Shopping: Get Your New Outfits at YesStyle Now!

Here’s one of my favourite place to shop for all Asian fashion and lifestyle products. It has been one of my online fashion retailer since it’s founded in 2006. I love the experience shopping with YesStyle because it is the first online retailer in Asia to globally distribute a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products from the region. Continue Reading

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Wedding: Floral Collection by Dream Wedding (日系婚紗嫁衣)

Getting tired with the same old wedding gown worn by Princess Catherine when she got married to Prince William some years ago? Her style is timeless but you should create your own style on your big day, make it something special for the rest of your life. You wouldn’t want your kids to think that your era was all about Princess Catherine (just like when we saw our mothers wearing the same outfits as Princess Diana).

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