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Steal That Look: Sonya Karamazova #OOTD

I always love browsing LookBook.Nu because it connects me to the fashion world where I can get some ideas of what the latest fashion trends. For those who are not familiar with LookBook.Nu, it’s actually a community website that gathers people who love fashion, and this website is designed for people to post their own street-fashion photography, featuring themselvesContinue Reading “Steal That Look: Sonya Karamazova #OOTD”

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Steal-That-Look: Kate Middleton

So, you love Kate Middleton? I always admire her outfits (she knows what’s best for her). I bet you might be looking around to steal her look, too! Here are some of the inspired dresses which you can get from some available online boutiques. Grab it fast or you might never see it again.  Continue Reading “Steal-That-Look: Kate Middleton”