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Shopping: Get This MYR50 Discount When You Shop at Shizens e-Store

I recently received my beauty box from Shizens, and I was so happy that it came in an elegant gift box. My order was in perfect condition, and you might want to know why I loved shopping at Shizens e-Store. Find out more about Shizens e-Store below. I have lots of things to say about thisContinue Reading “Shopping: Get This MYR50 Discount When You Shop at Shizens e-Store”

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Beauty: Shizens Lumineux Essence

You must have heard that Vitamin C, kojic acid, and licorice are all great skin brightener but you might want to try Arbutin, too! Most of the natural skin brighteners are more gentle to the skin, and function as tyrosinase inhibitors to provide skin lightening and brightening effects. What is Tyrosinase? Basically, they are the brown spots thatContinue Reading “Beauty: Shizens Lumineux Essence”

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Beauty: Shizens Magnifique Rouge Lipstick – #05 Plum Wine

This is my first time getting some products online from Shizens. Prior this, I only knew a few things about Shizens products from my clients who would asked me to apply their favourite Shizens Magnifique Rouge lipstick. So, when I was sent a voucher worth RM200 to shop at Shizens online store, I decided toContinue Reading “Beauty: Shizens Magnifique Rouge Lipstick – #05 Plum Wine”