Life Rants Thank You

5 Reasons Why I Love Giveaways

The giveaway craze started off when I saw my former high school mates’ posts on Facebook where they take photos of the things that they have won from some giveaway contests (they also got themselves freebies and samples from big big companies). I found it’s pretty interesting that I asked them (Loretta, Nyet Sang, JulieContinue Reading “5 Reasons Why I Love Giveaways”

Life Rants

Rants: 5 Foods that I Cannot Live Without

Everyone loves foods because it is our primary source of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. So, I wonder what could be the foods that I cannot live without in Sabah, Malaysia. Most of them are high calories (and fibres). Who cares? They are way too hard to resist. *grin* Roti Canai. Photo by J2KFM #1: Roti CanaiI loveContinue Reading “Rants: 5 Foods that I Cannot Live Without”


Rants: Eat, Sleep and Breathe the Internet

When Abraham Maslow published a paper on the hierarchy of basic human needs in 1943, the theory only states four (4) needs that must be met before self-actualization can be achieved, i.e. psychological, safety, belonging, and self-esteem. However, considering with the current trends and technology advancement, Maslow’s theory needs to be modified by including WiFiContinue Reading “Rants: Eat, Sleep and Breathe the Internet”


Beneath the Façade of Friendship

A true friendship is a feeling of love, sharing and caring. Friendship is not a façade for someone to play ‘hide-and-seek’. It is a feeling that someone understands and appreciates you as you are, without any exaggeration, flattery and pretensions. Moreover, a true friend stands by you through thick and thin, and they will neverContinue Reading “Beneath the Façade of Friendship”