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Tested & Confirmed: 100% Authentic & High Quality Cosmetic Contact Lenses from Barbie Eyesland

Most of us would look out for supplier who can offers us the best, authentic, and high quality cosmetics contact lenses, right? In fact, nobody would like to experience bad consequences as a result of wearing contact lenses that are harmful to the eyes. So, today, I would love to share my personal experience withContinue Reading “Tested & Confirmed: 100% Authentic & High Quality Cosmetic Contact Lenses from Barbie Eyesland”

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Shopping: Grab Limited Edition T-Shirt from

Have you ever experienced this? You bought a t-shirt from a store, take a selfie and then uploaded it on your Instagram. A few hours later, your friend left a comment, “I know where you bought that t-shirt!” which we usually don’t want to hear, or you might probably get this comment, “I got theContinue Reading “Shopping: Grab Limited Edition T-Shirt from”

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Online: Major B

There are tons of online stores that are selling Korean beauty products, and we often end up calculating the total amount. Our fear of being scammed is one of the reasons why we are very careful when doing our online shopping. I recently stumbled upon a new online store which sells Korean beauty products, andContinue Reading “Online: Major B”

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Apps: Sell Your Items @ Carousell

My friend, Jolene, has asked me whether I can help her to sell off her handbag a few days ago. So, I told her that she should try selling it at Carousell. Why Carousell? Because I don’t find it was ‘great’ to sell at, or other online selling platforms despite of that aggressive marketingContinue Reading “Apps: Sell Your Items @ Carousell”


Shopping: Why You Should Buy From b.liv Online Shop

It’s exactly 2 months before Christmas, and I always look forward to pamper myself with more beauty products. Anyway, b.liv is having its 6th birthday this month, and there are tons of offers to be grabbed every day. In fact, I just missed out buying their mask priced at MYR 16.90! I should have bought themContinue Reading “Shopping: Why You Should Buy From b.liv Online Shop”

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Shopping: Love Chic, Be Nova with Chicnova

Tired with the same old outfits? Make sure you clear off your wardrobe and sell all your preloved via Carousell. I just cleared off my wardrobe last week, and currently waiting for my new outfits to be delivered on my doorstep. There are a few online shops which I went to shop recently and they areContinue Reading “Shopping: Love Chic, Be Nova with Chicnova”

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Service: Start Your Dropship Business with mydNEXT

There are many ways for you to start your online business and having a dropship program may be another good idea to market your product but you’ll need to invest heavily on time and money. In most cases, it’s not impossible for people to have online business even though they work 9-to-5 for 5 daysContinue Reading “Service: Start Your Dropship Business with mydNEXT”

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Shopping: Why I Love Shopping at Adidas

I rarely have time to do window shopping especially when it’s peak hours when people are flocking just for shopping. I admit that I hate to get myself caught in the traffic jams (especially during the day). Being occupied with tons of works have given me less time for me to do shopping. But, thanks toContinue Reading “Shopping: Why I Love Shopping at Adidas”

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Shopping: Baby Rocker at ZLT Kids

This is a situation where parents would always have to ‘suffer’ sometimes. LOL! The baby rocker which I bought for my first child broke down last year because my first child (who is no longer a baby) sat on the rocker thinking that the rocker was strong enough to carry a 15kg kid. She ended upContinue Reading “Shopping: Baby Rocker at ZLT Kids”