My Perspective: Khai Puma Jamal – Singing My Line

Happy Thursday, people! I’m going to be a bit busy today as I need to sort things off before weekend. My friend dropped me a message about his latest single. According to him, the song is actually dedicated to his friends who have passed away not long ago. This song is quite melancholic as theContinue Reading “My Perspective: Khai Puma Jamal – Singing My Line”

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Music: Ronan Keating – Time of My Life

I was having a conversation with my friend just now and she mentioned about Ronan Keating’s latest album. Yes! Ronan Keating has finally released his 10th studio album, Time of My Life. Finally! I went to Spotify just to check the album before deciding to hit the buy button  at iTunes. I couldn’t resist the urge to buyContinue Reading “Music: Ronan Keating – Time of My Life”

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Music: Girls’ Generation ‘s 5th Album [K-POP]

I’ve been waiting for this thing! I got the news of their recent released of Girls’ Generation 5th Album from AllKpop and Soshified. Their last released album was Mr. Mr. in 2014. Yes. The long awaited album from Girls’ Generation can now be purchased via iTunes for US$11.99. Bro was the first one who bought hisContinue Reading “Music: Girls’ Generation ‘s 5th Album [K-POP]”

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Music: My Friend Paris Theme Song MP3

My Friend Paris is another America’s favourite big sister by kids all over the world through her 8 books. The author, Paris Morris, is a 14-year old girl living in Danville, California where Paris is a junior in High School. She enjoys musical theatre, golf, and going to the movies with her friends. Paris Morris wrote her first bookContinue Reading “Music: My Friend Paris Theme Song MP3”