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Local: MUAH Studio Academy has its New Premise at 333 Plaza

I went to attend MUAH Studio Academy to show my support to my former make-up academy in which I earned my Professional Diploma in Makeup Artistry a few years ago. MUAH Studio Academy has never failed to produce certified and talented Make-Up Artists in Sabah (and Sarawak), and I’m proud that I was taught by theContinue Reading “Local: MUAH Studio Academy has its New Premise at 333 Plaza”

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Local: MUAH Studio Academy (Sabah)

Some of my clients and friends asked me where I learnt to do make-ups and hairstyling. It’s a long story but just to make long story short, I was a make-up and beauty junkie because I was so in love with the Japanese Gyaru (ギャル) back then. Basically, theGyaru makeup is all about the eyes which features the wingedContinue Reading “Local: MUAH Studio Academy (Sabah)”

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New Year, New Surprises

Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve been busy these days as I’ve just gave birth to a cute baby last December (a few days before Christmas!). It was really tiring with the new arrival in the family. I feel blessed (though me and my hubby were tired) having them in my life – It justContinue Reading “New Year, New Surprises”