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Local: Jus Bambangan | Bambangan Juice (Rass Enterprise)

This is supposed to be posted last month but I was so busy with other reviews and my studies (of course). I got this Bambangan juice when I was doing my shopping at Suria Sabah a few months ago. There was a fair at that time, and the huge poster of Bambangan really caught my attention. I asked my hubby about getting a bottle of it but we ended up buying 2 bottles of Bambangan juice and a bottle of Bambangan cordial. I told my hubby that I would not write a review about this local product if it was not as what I expected. Kalau tulis pun, nanti kesian pula perniagaan orang tempatan kita. Anyway, today’s post is going to be this local product – Yes. I have decided to write a review about this local product because of a few reasons. This is not a paid review, anyway. Continue Reading

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