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Event: Lazada 5th Birthday Surprise on 22 – 24 March 2017

First of all, I would like to wish Lazada a Happy 5th Birthday! Hooray! *Confetti* It has been one of my favourite online pitstop to shop for anything because I have the privilege to do my shopping anytime, anywhere, and stress-free! In conjunction with this joyous birthday celebration, Lazada will be having massive birthday sale from 22 until 24 March 2017. This is the chance for you to shop for your favourite things because there will be special discounts up to 90%! Continue Reading

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Review: Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Toner

Choosing toner for acne-prone and oily skin can be quite challenging as most products that claim to minimize the appearance of oily and acnes are sometimes result in disappointment. I found this toner when I was looking for a toner that can reduce my breakouts (after testing a product which gave me breakouts), today I will be posting a review on Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Toner.

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Where To Buy: Lovely Earrings As Seen On Seventeen Online

You’ve just finished reading the latest trends tips on Seventeen, and you’re wondering where to get those cool earrings within your budget. There are a few online shops mentioned in Seventeen but you’re looking for a cheaper shipping surcharge as you don’t live within the proximity. You found a few online shops in your areas but you feel a bit sceptical as you’re afraid of meeting a scammer. If you’re like me who loves doing shopping online, here’s a list of reliable online shops which you can get your cool earrings as mentioned on Seventeen recently. You can read ‘8 Front-and-Back Earrings That Are Cool From Every Angle’ here.

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Where To Buy: Baby Diapers

I always love the feeling of being a mother even though that ‘feeling’ includes exhausted, and sleep deprivation. Yet, I still look forward for every single minute I spend with my kids. These kids, somehow, turn me into someone who always stay alert with the latest updates especially when it is related to price. This is the feeling which moms (and dads) know the best. I’ve never thought that having kids might rip your money off the pocket. It never crossed my mind. Not even once. I can still play with my make-up, get pretty for Mr. Hubby, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nothing has changed even though I’m now a mother, and a wife. Kids are blessings from God, and they are precious gems.  Continue Reading

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Apps: 5 Basic Shopping Apps To Download Now

Nowadays, there are tons of online shopping available on the Internet, and this good news could be a heaven for people who love to do their shopping online. We couldn’t let go off our phone as good things are inside the phone (even stuff for you to chat with your friends. LOL!). However, when deciding which shopping apps to download can be quite hard as you cannot store all of them in your phone. Here are my top 5 shopping apps that I’d love to recommend to you so that your shopping experience becomes more fun, meaningful, and save a lot of time even though you might have to get your powerbank ready all the time.  Continue Reading

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Where To Buy: Bedding Set For Your Wedding

I like sleeping in a cloud-like environment, and keen toward neutral palates. I love having my walls painted in white so that it’s easier for me to mix-and-match with other fittings and furnitures. However, choosing designs and details that can make the bed feel more cosy might take some time as there are a few considerations need to be taken care of, such as your spouse. LOL! Trust me. Some guys would never want to sleep in a bed full of flowers (unless they are too tired). My husband and I always argue about bedding because we don’t share the same taste in design and details. He likes modern and abstract design, while I like vintage and floral. The only thing that we can agree is the colors.

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Shopping: Baby Rocker at ZLT Kids

This is a situation where parents would always have to ‘suffer’ sometimes. LOL! The baby rocker which I bought for my first child broke down last year because my first child (who is no longer a baby) sat on the rocker thinking that the rocker was strong enough to carry a 15kg kid. She ended up breaking the plastic handle as she’s way to heavy for a baby rocker to bear. Thus, I decided to buy a rocker that has the following features:  Continue Reading


Wishlist: The Quest for Baby Carrier

I love to carry my baby using carrier because it’s rather easy to move around as if I’m carrying a backpack! I’d prefer to have a hands down baby carrier which won’t hurt my back. Rather than choosing for the styles, I’d rather have a baby carrier with padded shoulder and strapped waist that would avoid muscle strains. Continue Reading