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Why I Love: Althea’s Dusty Rose Box

Sorry for the late post as I was really busy these few weeks. Some of my friends and readers asked me if I can suggest a few cosmetics which they would love to have for this Christmas. I recently received this Althea’s Dusty Rose Box which I find very interesting as the box includes allContinue Reading “Why I Love: Althea’s Dusty Rose Box”

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Shopping: Innisfree Sheet Mask @ 91Loading

We all love to look and feel our best on daily basis, and most of us are getting obsessed with looking young. Some of us might have heard that real chocolate, not the ordinary chocolate bar, can help your skin stay young. Starchy foods, on the other hands, will make the skin age prematurely. InContinue Reading “Shopping: Innisfree Sheet Mask @ 91Loading”

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Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B

This is supposed to be posted last month but I have a few posts lining up and I have to write them all before posting my beauty haul with Major B. I actually wrote my online shopping experience with Major B in my previous post. I only shared with my experience doing my shopping onContinue Reading “Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B”