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Review: Horien Eye Secret 38% Monthly Colour Contact Lenses (6 Colors)

There are tons of contact lenses available in the market today, and I noticed they offer a wide range of selection to choose from. I even have problems to choose which one is the best for me. Today I would like to share my personal experience on a top brand contact lens brand from Taiwan, Horien Eye Secret, which is now available in Malaysia. Continue Reading

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Beauty: Horien Eye Secret 38% 6-Month Disposable Colour Contact Lens in Daisy Grey

I recently won myself a set of Horien Eye Secret 38% Disposable 6-month colour contact lens in Daisy Grey. Apparently, Horien Eye Secret is one of the famous contact lens brand in Taiwan, and I’m so excited to be able to try out their latest contact lens. Read more to find out about what I think about this contact lens.  Continue Reading

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