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Review: Stacy Wise – Beyond The Stars

What would you do if you fall in love with your own boss who is a famous celebrity? Jessica Beckett was never expecting herself to work as a personal assistant until she had to get some money to pay for her apartment rent as she did not plan to live with her family. She wasContinue Reading “Review: Stacy Wise – Beyond The Stars”

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Book: Last Resort (Grayton Series Book 1) – Jill Sanders

Here’s another book written by Jill Sanders which I’ve just finished reading this morning. LOL! I must say that it was an interesting book to read but I’d prefer Loving Lauren more because I loved the stubborn character a lot. Anyway, Last Resort still a nice chick lit novel to read as I found some ‘laughable’ parts.Continue Reading “Book: Last Resort (Grayton Series Book 1) – Jill Sanders”

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Book: Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders

My Goodreads friend has recently recommends me to read a chick-lit book after she thought I’ve been reading too much ‘serious’ issues, and she found out that I’m still behind my target (Yeah, we do have reading challenge on Goodreads). So, I went to Smashwords to download some of the books. You can get theContinue Reading “Book: Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders”

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E-Book: Mommy’s Guide For Staying Fit

I’ve always admired Kelsey Byers, and she’s my inspiration to staying fit even though I am a mommy of 2 kids. I believe I need to keep fit, and stay healthy so that I would be able to inspire them to lead a healthy lifestyle. I started to realize the importances of keeping fit during andContinue Reading “E-Book: Mommy’s Guide For Staying Fit”