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Blog Detox: #MyHeartIsInRanau – My Life in Ranau

It has never crossed my mind that I have to work ‘quite’ far away from my family. The day I received the letter was the day I found myself doomed. I was so frustrated and almost gave up. I told myself that I would rather never to accept this appointment that to be parted fromContinue Reading “Blog Detox: #MyHeartIsInRanau – My Life in Ranau”

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Challenge: 15-Day Detox Challenge with Passion D’Tox (with Progress)

Our body has been designed to be self-cleaning and excrete toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and foreign chemicals that we put into our body such as medicinal drugs, alcohol or tobacco. However, our body cannot always handle the accumulative toxins in our fat cells thus thisContinue Reading “Challenge: 15-Day Detox Challenge with Passion D’Tox (with Progress)”