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Why I Love Getting Gold Facial Lifting Treatment from AC Beauty Lane (Sabah)

As I grow ‘older’ year by year, my skin concerns have shifted to a quite fussy and complex demand. My mum once said that she noticed that I have been ‘transforming’ myself into a ‘anti-wrinkles’ beast. While I’m fully aware that getting older and having wrinkles are inevitable, I still look for some alternatives toContinue Reading “Why I Love Getting Gold Facial Lifting Treatment from AC Beauty Lane (Sabah)”

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Blogging: My Collaboration with theCovets

Aloha, pretties. This is just going to be a short update before I’m off to the park for a jog. I just received a very good news which I’m so excited to share this news with you. Have you heard about theCovets yet? It’s the first Malaysian beauty platform which provides aspirational and inspirational beauty to womenContinue Reading “Blogging: My Collaboration with theCovets”

Blogging Life

Blogging: The Sabahan Bloggers

I have been blogging ever since I was in high school (that was about 22 years ago). Most people would say blogging is just wasting time but I still feel writing a blog is not just being open to the world. Blogging is actually a place where I tend to share the knowledge, experience, and tips. WhileContinue Reading “Blogging: The Sabahan Bloggers”

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Blog: I Wanted To Start Blogging but…

Blogging means you’re building community, you have the urge to contribute something valuable in order to remain relevant. When you blog, your work should be useful to your readers, the people who are looking for information. However, one of the barriers that prevent one from blogging is fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being laughed at,Continue Reading “Blog: I Wanted To Start Blogging but…”

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MoneyTalk: Affiliate Marketing with Rakuten Linkshare

Today’s marketing is very challenging as it requires working with various vendors to ensure a very efficient consumer management. Thus, the omni experience which combines all channels into a single platform has been the main focus to offer a full transparency into the consumer funnel that lead back to the actual marketing. The reason of theContinue Reading “MoneyTalk: Affiliate Marketing with Rakuten Linkshare”