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Tested & Confirmed: MAHI Leather Bags Are Made of 100% Soft Cow Hide

I have always been a big fan of leather bags, apparels, and shoes. However, I find it is really hard to find nice leather bags that match my preference. I usually stumbled upon faux leather handbags. Sometimes, I found a nice leather bags which do not ship to my country, Malaysia. My hunting for aContinue Reading “Tested & Confirmed: MAHI Leather Bags Are Made of 100% Soft Cow Hide”

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Shopping: Affordable Authentic Bags at Glampot

I have a few cousins and aunties who love designer bags a lot, and there are a few names which they love to have. However, getting an authentic ones via online can be quite difficult as the market is flooded by counterfeit items which almost look similar to the original version. Moreover, it’s hard toContinue Reading “Shopping: Affordable Authentic Bags at Glampot”


Life: Cool Things for Traveling

Here you might introduce your article and catch the reader’s attention with a catchy paragraph. Once you’ve got them hooked, you’ll probably want to talk about each item individually. Cocoon Knits Organizer Do you always end up with odds and ends all over your suitcase whenever you are traveling? This kit will help you keepContinue Reading “Life: Cool Things for Traveling”