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Apps: Sephora Makes Life Easier with its Beauty Shopping App

What would you do when your favourite paradise for beauty and make-up stuff can now be accessed via your smartphone? Most of us know that Sephora has been the best place to get authentic and latest beauty and make-up stuff but now you can easily get your personal access to the world of Sephora via your smartphone! Read more to get insight about this great Sephora app and how you can use it. Continue Reading

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Review: Goodshows (Apps)

If you’re familiar with Goodreads, you will know how Goodshows operates, too! Goodshows is similar to Goodreads where you can make a list what movies or dramas you wanted to watch as well as mark and review movies or dramas which you’ve watched. It’s something like Foursquare where you ‘check-in’ the things that you have done.

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Apps: Healthy Recipes by SparkRecipes

Me and Mr. Hubby love cooking a lot, and we usually spend time together in the kitchen chit chatting about new recipes. He usually cook during weekends where we would make a plan on what to cook earlier. There are a few apps in which we love to use. We did try other apps but due to the lacks of features, the apps would always end up in our delete list. We just don’t like to have non-functional apps installed in our iPad/Tab.  Continue Reading

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Apps: Dear Diary

Remember those days when we keep ourselves a private diary? Anyway, I’m gonna write about this ‘Dear Diary’ game which I downloaded it a few days ago as I was looking for a simple diary for myself. ‘Dear Diary’ is actually a game in which I guess suits for teenagers. It’s about making choice and you have the power to change Anna’s future. You are given keys to peek at Anna’s diary and you will need to make a choice for her. It’s a nice game for you to teach your teen about life and choices.

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Apps: FoodEagle – Your ‘Tinder’ for Foods

What would you do when your girlfriend or spouse let you choose a place to dine? In fact, most women would let their boyfriend or spouse to choose a nice place to dine in. It’s rare to find a woman who would tell you the place where you both can eat and chat. If she’s the one who loves food (like you), then the problem is settled! Anyway, we often use Foursquare to decide where to dine, even my Hubby used it to decide where’s the best place to dine in because I’m a person who don’t know where else to eat unless my friends like Maslight, Nerdy Ned and a few more great friends posted some nice foods on Instagram. I always trust their recommendations. You cannot fight with a Sifoo. Continue Reading

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Apps: StockMaster (Apple)
If you love to keep yourself updated with the latest stock market, finance, and everything that has to do with ‘ka-ching ka-ching’. Then, you should have this apps installed on your phone, tabs, pad, lappy, palm, etc. Here’s another apps which I’ve just installed it into my iPad. It has some great features in which other apps do not offer. The apps itself offers PDF reports for stocks/portfolios, auto iCloud date sync between devices, today widgets for market/watchlists/portfolios, customizable market overview and stock comparison, and new stock list view types. The apps is pretty straightforward and I find it’s very useful. Unlike other apps that I’ve tried before, I can say that this is the best stock apps so far.

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