Sugandoi Songkotoun 2009

I was browsing for some videos which were taken during Sugandoi Kaamatan which was held recently in KDCA, Penampang. Bumped into some of the videos and I like this Sugandoi Songkotoun… Very nice and relaxing… Hahhahahah! Ada urang bilang ngam bawa pigi tidur kunun but I guess it’s so evergreen. Dari kicil lagi bah sia kena kasi dingar-dingar this kind of music. Lawa… Yang penting tidak lupa dari mana asal usul kita mah~ I’m proud to be a Sabahan especially to be a Dusun. Say lah whatever you want – I don’t speak my own mothertongue kah, etc. I don’t care… Jan saja try try mengumpat dalam KaDus… Sia faham tu apa korang cakap. Korang mengumpat dalam bahasa Cina pun, sia tau tu… Hahahahahaah~
Credits: tclee9300y (He has lots of videos yang syok syok from Sabah) XD

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