The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B
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Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B

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This is supposed to be posted last month but I have a few posts lining up and I have to write them all before posting my beauty haul with Major B. I actually wrote my online shopping experience with Major B in my previous post. I only shared with my experience doing my shopping on their online store, and now I’m going to post the stuff which I bought from Major B.

My beauty haul reached me a few days later, and they were in perfect condition. I actually love the packaging box – thick, and unique. That differentiate it with other beauty boxes. The white box is decorated with turquoise Major B logo, and I personally love the wording inside the box.

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B
Yay! Happiness unlocked!

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It really made me happy as if I’ve just unlocked another level in the game. LOL! I admit that I love the packaging box because it was cute especially with the creamy turquoise color. Maybe I should have my room to be painted exactly like this Major B packaging box.

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B

The package had all the stuff that I ordered and free samples. Thanks, Major B! Can hardly wait to try those samples! Oh, it also came with the invoice bill which enable me to make a review on the list of items which I have placed order earlier. The packaging is very neat indeed, no bubble wrap or shredded papers.

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B

If you read my previous post on Major B, you will find the list of my items which I ordered from the online store. I have ordered more than 40 pieces of sheet mask, enough for my 30 days facial mask challenge. I don’t stick to one type of facial mask as I love to try facial mask and write a review about what I wanted to recommend to my readers. In fact, I only ordered facial mask which were on massive sale, and these masks are supposed to be shared with my hubby (because he also loves wearing facial mask sheet before he hit the bed). LOL!

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B

I only placed order on Etude House, and Innisfree brands because I’ve never gotten myself with breakouts, and their mask sheets tend to have more serums than other mask sheets which I’ve tried prior this. I will write review on each of the mask sheets later so it’s easier for you to find later.

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Beauty Haul with Major B

Here are the free samples I got from Major B. Thanks for the lovely gifts, Major B! Definitely one of my favourite online stores to grab my beauty dosages all the way from Korea at the most competitive prices!

If you’re looking for genuine beauty products from Korea, with cheaper and faster delivery – shop @ Major B. They have more products available now, and most of them are limited edition. Moreover, some of them are only available at Major B. You won’t find them elsewhere. You can enjoy a free shipping when your order is MYR 150 and above. Get your beauty box from Major B today!

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