The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Affordable GoPro & DSLR @ Cameralah
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Shopping: Affordable GoPro & DSLR @ Cameralah

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Photography is not novel to me as I was actually introduced to SLR when I was just 5 years old. My uncle, and late grandpa were then people who played the main role of getting me into photography. I lived with my grandparents when I was little because my parents were both working at that time, and I love to hang out with my grandparents a lot. Living in a kampong (village) was so much fun back then, and I enjoyed so much including riding on a water buffalo as well as had every chances to eat juicy fruits without having to worry anything simply because they were freshly picked by my grandparents. LOL!

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to capture the moments which I shared with my grandparents. I do feel regret sometimes but there’s nothing I can do now except freezing all the memories for myself. When my grandpa and uncle introduced me with camera, I was amused. I was thinking that the camera would burst a ‘lightning’ (flash), and then produce a piece of small paper with me printed on it. That’s how I started persuading my Dad to buy me a camera but he bought me a toy camera. I was furious as I felt my Dad tricked me. LOL!

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Affordable GoPro & DSLR @ Cameralah

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I’m sure most of you know where to buy your gadgets, and you are aware the market price of these precious toys. There’s actually an online shop which I love to shop sometimes because it has a good service and friendly customer service. You might want to read some of the reviews here.

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Affordable GoPro & DSLR @ Cameralah

If you’re looking for a GoPro, you might want to check out some of the GoPro which Cameralah has in-stock. Cameralah has been one of the top sellers in Malaysia for GoPro and GoPro Accessories with over 700 SKUs and growing! It is an online camera store operated by D2Hub Sdn Bhd (879287-M) and backed by a multichain retail camera store. You don’t have to worry bumping into counterfeit products because was set up to provide further value to customers who are looking for genuine goods, at competitive pricing without the hassle of having to walk into a physical store.

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Affordable GoPro & DSLR @ Cameralah

In fact, based on experience I had before this, I believe they offer the competitive price, and coupled with a great service. It’s no doubt that I might end up buying a GoPro from Cameralah real soon. My wishlist is to get this GoPro HERO4 Black DIVE Action Camera Bundle – Basic so I can do something for my blogging. Frankly speaking, the reason I love shopping at Cameralah is because it’s linked to Shopback. I can earn 3.5% cashback from shopping with Cameralah. You can read more about Shopback here. You can save more in long-term when doing your online shopping! 

The Jesselton Girl Shopping: Affordable GoPro & DSLR @ Cameralah

If you are wondering what kind of camera I have right now. I have 3 DSLRs (2 Nikon, 1 Canon) and a compact digital camera (Canon) at the moment. I’m glad that my Hubby also loves to take photos a lot, and he has his DSLR. I still love taking photos though I hardly get the chance to go outing with my fellow photographer friends. I shall post what I did with all the photos which I’ve taken since I was 12.

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