Saya nak cari BF yang jujur…

I don’t know how I bumped into this online ads… The internet has provided us with lots of opportunities to post for FREE… Free ads, free classifieds, free business promotion, etc. However, some of us misuse this kind of technology with some bad intentions such as insulting other people, gossiping, spying, etc. It’s human nature but sometimes it goes beyond overboard. Macam juga kena bikin traffic light kan, sudah lampu merah, masih juga mau hantam jalan kan? RULES ARE FOR US TO BREAK… Bukan gitu? It really hard to change some people punya attitude especially when it has long planted and sown inside one’s mind, heart, and… Eh? Apa bah sia tulis ni? Nah kan, tersasul sudah… Hahahahah! Ok… Kita balik to our main point… Main point? Bukan main topic kah? Muahahah~ Main topic… Ya… Main topic…
Would you go for posting yourself as looking for a sincere BF over the Internet? Kalau social bookmarking ok lagi lah… Ini yang kasi post over FREE ADS/CLASSIFIED bah! It may sound macam desperate tho… If you’re very curious kan, click this link – Saya Macam Nak Cari Boyfriend Yang Jujur. A young girl… Maybe around 13 – 16 years old… Looking for a sincere BF. It’s embarassing but I do pity her… Pathetic it may seem… Sadistic as well… Or someone mau kasi kena her… Pity her… Some of us may not know how to use the Internet but pura-pura know kunun apa macam mau guna the Internet. Some of us juga terbawa-bawa with the Western lifestyle… e.g. Propose via billboard… What if the girl rejects your proposal? That will be another big news! Of course turus depan-depan Daily Express or New Sabah Times kuar turus tajuk pasal kena REJECTED MARRIAGE PROPOSAL… Anything can happen in this unpredictable world… Hehehehe~
SUMANDAK BILANG: Sia reject turus kalau main propose guna billboard or newspaper! XD I’d prefer to have a more traditional and classic ways of proposing a hand of marriage. Cewah! Just don’t kneel down in front of me or I’ll kneel down juga sama-sama… A friend for life should not kneel down in front of a friend… Paling bagus, duduk sama-sama… Bukan gitu?  Paling bagus jumpa mohoing lah… Kan Kan Kan? Nah nah! Apa lagi ni sia cerita ni? XD

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