Sarang Heee… Sarang Heee… Sarang Burung….

Ever heard of Korean female group macam Brown Eyed Girls, Kara (bukan kara yang bergantung atas pokok tu), Wonder Girls, etc? They are quite famous right now with their catchy and well nice songs… *I’m a lil’ bit bias right now…* Choose Wonder Girls instead of the other girls macam si Kara (I don’t know why Cuzzie Naz likes the song so much sampai dia hafal ni lirik semua…)… Inilah gajinya bergaul with the kajen majen yang baru in their high school… Macam sia pula balik to my 10 years ago punya umur (Macam menyesal ni sebab sia dulu manada dapat enjoy macam diorang, yang sia ingat benda-benda yang Cikgu suruh buat saja)… Every single song yang diorang recommend actually masuk dalam my playlist… Frankly, I don’t even know what’s my fave song at the moment… Semua pun mesti diorang yang recommend… I should say Tangkayu banyak manyak sebab they kasitau mana lagu2 yang best mo dingar… At least I won’t have to listen to the same old buruk lagu of mine (like those Oldies lah semua)… Nantilah I bought them McFlurry Oreo lagi… Turus inda lagi tegur si Jack yang sana-sana kerja tu… No wonder macam sia ada perasaan like ada urang yang sia kenal saja dalam tu McD. I thought because of my cousin and her hubby di dalam McD, rupanya ada lagi bah… Si Jack lah bah pula… I mean, si YaN punya koupusan… Heheheheh~ Sekali tadi si YaN sms… Punyalah sia malu… Jack, if you happen to read this… Siou siou siou sebab ko depan2 sia pun, sia inda kenal ni… Nantilah sia lawat ko lagi di sana… Wahahahahahahaha~ Sarangheee sarangheee… Sarang Burunggggggggg~

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Dayve Rampas

I am a graduate with a BA in Accountancy (Hons.), and have recently graduated with an MA in Business Administration (MBA). I'm currently taking a crash course Diploma in Financial Trading apart from being a candidate for PhD in Business Administration. I love make-ups so much that I took a Professional Diploma in Make-Up Artistry from a local make-up academy, and now, I am a certified professional make-up artist who has been travelling all over North Borneo to make people look prettier. I've been in this industry for nearly 5 years now and even have my own make-up team with my partners - Sylvia, and Janet. My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews on products, and share my experience with other readers. Feel free to drop me a message, and you can always email me at dayverampas@gmail.com.