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Review: Yokoso Magicboo One-Minute Hair Treatment

Do you want a soft, silky, and manageable hair like those models on the Instagram? Are you looking for hair treatment that does not burn a hole in your pocket? Today’s post is going to be an amazing hair treatment that has been a No. 1 hot seller in Hong Kong for more than 6 years! This is the product your are looking for.

What They Say

Cheaper than getting treaments which cost 10 times more! Yokoso Magicboo Daily Nourishing One-Minute Hot Oil Treatment moisturises hair thoroughly and penetrates quickly into every hair strands. It effectively revitalises, refreshes, and adds shine to hair.

Directions: After shampoo, apply Yokoso Magicboo One Minute Hot Oil Treatment evenly on hair. Gently massage and leave on for one minute. Rinse thoroughly. Recommended for Daily Use.

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What I Say

I bought this from Hermo, and it’s actually for my daughters who had problem with their coarse and frizzy thick hair that was unmanageable. I know they got it from me (that’s why I cut my hair short). I find this product is really nice as my daughters’ hair feel smoother, and shinier after using it. I tried it, too, but I guess it’s hard to know whether my hair has become smoother or not as my hair is too short.

MagicBoo Yokoso! One-Minute Hair Treatment

I actually love the nice scent, and how it makes my daughters’ hair feel. In fact, it just needs 1 minute to do the magic. My fingers can run through their hair smoothly and it doesn’t get stuck like it used to. This product comes in a quite a big tube, too, which can last about 5-6 months. This is a highly recommended product. I love Yokoso Magicboo One-Minute Hair Treatment because it moisturizes hair thoroughly and penetrates quickly into every hair strands. It’s perfect for those who cannot wait long.

MagicBoo Yokoso! One-Minute Hair Treatment

Where To Buy

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