The Jesselton Girl E-Book: Mommy's Guide For Staying Fit
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E-Book: Mommy’s Guide For Staying Fit

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I’ve always admired Kelsey Byers, and she’s my inspiration to staying fit even though I am a mommy of 2 kids. I believe I need to keep fit, and stay healthy so that I would be able to inspire them to lead a healthy lifestyle. I started to realize the importances of keeping fit during and post-natal after I had problem reaching my pre-natal weight.

I gained about 20kg when I was pregnant with my 1st child, and my ob/gyn advised me to cut down my food intake or I had to undergo C-section. I feel very grateful to have her as my ob/gyn as she never stopped to give me valuable advices. To be frank enough, almost 95% of her clients have nice figure during pregnancy.

I stumbled upon Kelsey Byers’ blog when I was looking for some pregnancy home workouts (because I had to stop hitting the gym during pregnancy). Kelsey Byers is a fitness model and Labrada Nutritional Spokesperson who managed to shred 22kg, and she’s a mommy of a sweet baby girl. She also wrote a few books on fitness, and blogs at Good Morning Fitness. The best thing is, she is a graduate student, and also a Certified Personal Trainer! Check out her Facebook page for more!

The Jesselton Girl E-Book: Mommy's Guide For Staying Fit
Kelsey Byers – Before & After

A few of my friends asked me how did I manage to get my pre-natal weight within a month. I did post some of my photos on Facebook. I didn’t consume any slimming or fat loss pills as I still breastfeed my baby. It might sound impossible, but you should be able to see the result when you apply Kelsey Byers’ Fit Body After Baby. You might also be interested in Kelsey Byers’ Staying Fit For Two. Both of the books are great for mommies who are trying to stay healthy during, and after pregnancy.

The Jesselton Girl E-Book: Mommy's Guide For Staying Fit
See the difference? It’s pretty hard but thanks to Kelsey Byers, I managed to shred about 8kg within a month.

Check out more about Kelsey’s books HERE.

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