The Jesselton Girl Review: Libresse Confidence On-The-Go Maxi Night Wings (With Green Tea)
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Review: Libresse Confidence On-The-Go Maxi Night Wings (With Green Tea)

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This is my first review on feminine hygiene products after I was asked by a man who was helping his wife to buy menstrual pads. While most of the guys are very ‘gentleman’ and brave (enough) to ask other people and help buy for their other half, some may not be able to understand which pad is suitable for their spouse’s needs. Frankly speaking, I always made a few bad choices when buying feminine hygiene products in the past. I usually opt for the cheaper one without considering the quality of the product.

While some of you might find my post is a bit awkward because it reveals a woman’s ‘private stuff’. I can promise you that this will never include the actual blood. XD You will only get to see the ‘inner’ part of the pad. Don’t worry. I realised that finding the perfect product is important not only for hygienic purpose but also to ensure that it does not leak and ruin our clothes.

What They Say

Secure Fit

  • Wider front keeps the pad securely in place to prevent leakage.
  • Narrow Middle To fit comfortably between your thighs, keeping it in place.
  • Uniquely designed “split rear” at the back for a close fit to your buttocks.
  • Wider Absorption Centre catches splashes quickly for better security.

Deep Flow Channel

  • Quickly Channel Wetness into the pad and prevent fluid from flowing back to the surface.
  • Act as Fold Lines which allow folding at strategic points thus keeping the pad intact with your body at all times.
  • Wider Absorption Centre catches splashes quickly for better security.
  • Improved DFC quickly absorbs and distributes liquid for better dryness.

The SecureFit™ technology is designed based on a woman’s intimate area for the perfect fit. It has a uniquely-shaped core with a wider front, narrow middle and split rear at the back that follows the shape of your buttocks. While the improved Deep Flow Channels (DFC)™ quickly absorbs and channel fluids into the pad for better dryness, keeping wetness away from the skin. Additionally, its patented grooves allows folding at strategic points for a more snug fit to your body. Both SecureFit™ and Deep Flow Channels (DFC)™ works hand-in-hand to ensure the best all-round fit and absorption no matter how you move.

The Jesselton Girl Review: Libresse Confidence On-The-Go Maxi Night Wings (With Green Tea)

What I Say

Libresse Confidence On-The-Go Maxi Night Wings comes in a travel-friendly pack that has green tea scent to eliminate bad odours. I actually bought this because I always have heavy flow especially during the day.

Each of the pads are individually wrapped and the wrapper can be used to wrap used pads. The pads are shaped to fit the body perfectly with maximum protection to prevent leakage. I usually wear these pads during day and night because I feel super-comfy, and maximum protection. It does not leave my skin with rashes or redness. Perfect. The Green Tea scent really gets rid of the bad odours which ensure that I can always stay fresh and confident. Besides, this product is super absorbent as it ensure quickly absorbs and distributes liquid for better dryness. Leakage? You can say ‘goodbye’ with confidence.

Last but not least, Libresse Confidence On-The-Go Maxi Night Wings (With Green Tea) is much much much affordable and with its quality material, I don’t think I want to switch to other brands anymore. 

My Verdict

I would recommend buying Libresse Confidence On-The-Go Maxi Night Wings (With Green Tea) to women who have heavy flows and are looking for maximum flexibility, super absorbency and who are on a budget.

Where To Buy

More Information: Website | Facebook

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  1. I did buy this brand for the first time in Decembe 2017. Base on your superb feedback this product was highly recommended. Don’t you have problem to get rid the pad from your panty? The sticker may design extra strong to maintain it on position. Every time to change pad, the pad was tear off where the plastic aka sticker part was strongly stick on panty. Because of this problem, i purposely looking for Lebresse product review.

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