The Jesselton Girl Review: EBN® Active Stem Cell Amazing Mask
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Review: EBN® Active Stem Cell Amazing Mask

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Most women wants to achieve a flawless, and soft skin. However, not many of us would want to spend a few minutes pampering the skin with facial mask routine. For me, I find facial mask is the best way for my skin to get a deeper cleansing into the pores and it always gives my skin with a refreshed and glowing look.

The Jesselton Girl Review: EBN® Active Stem Cell Amazing Mask

Stem Cell has been proven to brighten the skin and lessens the possibilities of pigmentation damage development as well as help repairing melanocyte damage by reducing existing pigment. It also beneficial for reduction in redness and acne scarring caused by inflammatory lesions up to 40% after 30 days of usage. Today’s post is about a great product which I would like to share with you as it does wonder to my skin. No matter how old you are, you’d probably want the best skin – flawless, in which, you can even go out without having to worry without wearing make-up. Read more to find out more about this amazing youthful mask which has improved my skin tremendously!

What They Say

Simple and effective magical unique mask, create crystal clear supple skin. Specific treatment for blackheads. Caused by environmental pollution. Enhance the natural collagen effectively lighten pigment spots, wrinkles and scars.


  • Skin Healing from the damages of environment.
  • Rejuvenating skin and help skin cells turn over faster.
  • Builds up the immune system of the skin.
  • Repairs the damaged skin.
  • Enhances the production of collagen.
  • Prevents pigmentation and wrinkles.

The Jesselton Girl Review: EBN® Active Stem Cell Amazing Mask

What I Say

EBN® Active Stem Cell Amazing Mask comes in amber glass bottle with dropper. The product comes in a simple packaging in which only instructions of usage is printed on the box but not on the label of the product. Apart from that, the label only has the batch number and expiry date. It would be nicer if the label has the directions of use so that nobody has to keep the box just to ensure that they do not forget how to use the mask.

The liquid has a non-greasy and thick consistency. It may look like sticky but once it contacts with the skin, it melts into a more hydrating and refreshing mask. I usually use 3-4 drops onto my face and neck, after cleansing and toning my skin. The label mentioned that the product can leave tingling sensation but I’ve never once felt that tingling sensation.

The Jesselton Girl Review: EBN® Active Stem Cell Amazing Mask

I have been using it for 3 weeks now, and I noticed that my skin condition has improved tremendously. Dark spots and pimple scars are fading, and my skin is getting firmer. In fact, my mum also noticed that my skin is glowing and fairer. Since it really gives me the result that I was looking forward to, I might buy this for my mum, too. The price might be hefty but this one bottle can last up to a few months because I still have about 90% after 3-week of using it.

Where To Buy

The product is not available on the rack, so you might need to contact them personally to get yours. You can simply check out their website and contact them either via email or Facebook private message.

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