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Review: Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel [NOT RECOMMENDED]

Taking off dead cells should be done at least once to twice a week to help the skin regenerate new skin cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I recently went to Daiso Suria Sabah after I had a short meeting with my friend. So, I bought a tube of Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel after I went around the shop just to try out whether it really peel off the dead cells. Here’s my review after I tested it for a month.

What They Say

This peeling gel exfoliates the old dead skin cells that cause rough skin. It also removes dirt and excess sebum clogged in the pores. Squeeze a pea-sized of gel, and massage all over the dry skin. Rub off dead skin cells smoothly. Wash the remaining residue thoroughly using lukewarm water. Avoid the eyes and mouth areas.

Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel
This product costs about MYR5.30.

What I Say

Kawaii Shop

The gel has a milky-coloured consistency, and I could feel the cooling sensation upon applying it onto my skin. It has fresh lemon fragrance. The peeling gel took quite a time to exfoliate the dead skin cells. The product just turned into some white or greyish clumps, as if it reacted to the heat.

Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel
It claimed to be ‘Made In Korea’, in which, I’m in doubt.

I thought peeling gel should be more gentle to the skin (especially sensitive skin) but this one is almost nothing. It didn’t even remove impurities or dead layers. It made my skin dry after that, and I had breakouts everytime I used it to exfoliate my dead skin cells.

Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel
The gel comes in a milky-coloured gel.

This product also contains methyparaben which can lead to skin allergy. I also found out that this product has fragrance which is still considered as the number one cause of allergic contact dermatitis to toiletry products which can also means fragrance is behind the breakouts.

Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel
This is how it looked like when I massaged it on the back of my hand.
Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel
After 30 seconds of trying to ‘exfoliate’ the dead skin cells….
Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel
After 65 seconds of massaging…
Daiso Smooth & Moist Lemon Peeling Gel
I got myself this clumps crystallized. Just like icing sugar when it’s mixed with water.

My Verdict…

It didn’t deliver the what it claimed to be. Not worth for money. Not recommended.

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