Review: Daiso Collagen Face Mask [NOT RECOMMENDED]
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Review: Daiso Collagen Face Mask [NOT RECOMMENDED]

I recently posted a status of my dissatisfaction with a product by Daiso, and received a few responds from my friends. One of my friends from Korea sent me a private message of how she never bought cosmetic products from Daiso. She was sorry to know that it was very unfortunate that I got adverse result from using Daiso product. 

Daiso Collagen Face Mask

What They Say

Collagen Face Mask is a new facial mask with specially formulated cosmetics to penetrate highly concentrated active ingredients into the skin while keeping air out of the skin completely making your tired skin moist, elastic, clear and relieves your skin from stress.

Daiso Collagen Face Mask


Kawaii Shop

  • Make clean face after showering.
  • Apply the mask on face and stretch it even.
  • Remove the mask from your face in 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Use the mask 2-3 times a week for best results.

Daiso Collagen Face Mask

What I Say

The face mask comes in 3 packs, and the price is very cheap. The Daiso Collagen Face Mask comes in a standard tear-off pack in pink colour. I bought this face mask because of the ‘Made In Korea’ only. Trust me. It’s hard to get my hands off from any ‘Made in Korea’ products. The descriptions are written in Japanese language, and also ‘broken grammar’ English.

Daiso Collagen Face Mask

The sheet mask is quite thick as if I was wearing 6 layers of tissue because the sheet mask is made of rayon and polyester. There was a lot of product in the mask though – so much that the mask was dripping when I pulled it out of its package. The instruction said that the mask should be applied on the face for 10-20 minutes. However, I only put on the mask for 3 minutes because I couldn’t stand when I felt my skin was itching badly, and upon removing the mask, I immediately spotted out red rashes all over my face.

Daiso Collagen Face Mask

The thing that I dislike about this kind of mask is it gives your face feeling a little gooey and sticky, and this is the only one with the weird texture. Here’s the adverse reactions which I got after wearing Daiso Collagen Face Mask.

Daiso Collagen Face Mask

My Verdict

I have dry and sensitive skin, and I wouldn’t recommend this to be applied on skin especially when you are allergy to fragrance, and paraben. Will never repurchase, and I have already throw out the remaining 2 pieces into the trash. Totally in my blacklist.

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