The Jesselton Girl Reality Check: Why I Find Kawaii Box is Not as Kawaii (Cute) as They Claimed To Be
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Reality Check: Why I Find Kawaii Box is Not as Kawaii (Cute) as They Claimed To Be

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I recently received the monthly subscription box of Kawaii stuff. I wrote a post about the Kawaii Box earlier, and today’s post is all about the real stuff I received from Kawaii Box. It was pretty bad because the box was crushed. I was really disappointed upon receiving the box in which I cancelled my subscription immediately.

I didn’t take the picture of the box because the staff in Pos Malaysia had to re-wrapped the parcel with a plastic. Yes, I was really disappointed because I was expecting the box was as sturdy as the standard boxes which I received from any beauty shops. The box was not suitable to be used for international delivery. It was so lucky that the items were not damaged during delivery or missing items.

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There are 12 items inside the subscription box, and all are cute stuff. I loved them all but I decided to give them all to my daughter who loves cute stuff a lot. The Kawaii Box send a monthly subscription box filled with a carefully selected mix of Japanese and Korean kawaii products for US$19.80, but I decided to call a halt on the monthly subscription box because of the poor packaging especially for international delivery. Furthermore, the statement on the Kawaii Box is a bit misleading as they mentioned that items are ‘hand-picked’ from Japan and Korea but I got items which stated they are ‘Made in China’. Only a few of them are clearly stated that they are ‘Made in Korea’.

The Jesselton Girl Reality Check: Why I Find Kawaii Box is Not as Kawaii (Cute) as They Claimed To Be

One thing that I dislike was the DIY Candy which I don’t think it should be included as part of the monthly subscription box. The August 2016 kawaii box actually includes the following. You can read the original post from the brand itself here:

My Verdict

Since the packaging is quite below the standard for international delivery packaging, I would not recommend others to subscribe Kawaii Box because the possibility that your items might be damaged  or missing out during delivery. Furthermore, 2 of them items are ‘Made in China’. Sorry to say, but I find it’s quite misleading to say they are from Japan while the items cleared state as ‘China’. I would consider to make a subscription with Kawaii Box if they decided to improve their packaging.

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