No Rest

I’ve just finished with our Marketing group project… Done with printing and binding. It was a long and tiresome week – Most of us didn’t get enough of sleep (poor Laine as she had to curi tulang just to finish her section). I will pass up the assignment this evening and then have to help mum lagi for tomorrow….
Gosh! I really need a break! I haven’t pamper myself with a nice sleep lately… (T_T) We still have 3 more project papers to be completed before end of September. 
Anyway, *as my mind is dwelling with devilish intention* I will be having a 2-days ponteng! Har Har Har! I’ll be off for the Sabah-wide Youth Festival in Dantai, Kota Belud. I need to bring a super-duper sunblock this time… I ain’t going to endure with dark-and-brown skin anymore. Punyalah sengsara sia mau jaga my skin… Har Har Har…
p.s. Mum won’t tolerate me… She still needs me to help her with the cookies.. Apa bulih buat since Aunt Josephine (who’s supposed to do the cookies) punya mother just passed away…

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