My Version of Comptine D’un Autre été Midi (Amelie OST)

Wondering sia main piano atau inda? Or cakap sia ni kuat tambirang? Well… I accept that as a challenge… I’m not as good as the others but at least I know apa itu music and know how to read the notes…. Cewah! Sot punya ayat… Anyway, for those who are keen at dingar lagu-lagu buruk yang sia bulih main, you can always access it here (tuuu nah di bawah sikit). Don’t ask me why sia kasi pindah itu lagu-lagu pigi blogspot. I figure out yang ini wordpress tidak dapat support scripts yang diorang inda recognize… Hahahahah!
This is a piece by Yann Tiersen which took me about 3 weeks to get myself familiarized with the song as my jari-jermari sudah karas and or course pasal injured last time dan tidak berapa bulih dipakai kalau main piano. I know there’s a lot lagi mo improve… Recorded using my SE W910i… Running my fingers on my mini grand piano at home… Ahahhahah! Oppps! Sorry for the picah-picah punya bunyi… Wahahahaha! Using hp bah ni… Last minute preparation sebab my *darling* suruh sia main satu lagu untuk dia… Darling? Sepakah itu? Relaxlah bah… I can always panggil ‘Darling’ to my kawan perempuan juga, butul atau tidak? Don’t complain for the galap-galap… Mimang kasi galap sebab tidak mau urang tinguk… Wahahahah! Korang tinguk sajalah itu bookshelf! Hahahahaha~ Don’t make request kio sebab nanti sigu piano sia marah nanti… *Sigu Piano*?????? XD Testing 1, 2, 3 bah ni… Hahahhah~

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